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Summary of 2013

Number of visits: Date:May 13,2014

2013 witnessed GWCMC’s continuous effort in service elaboration, quality improvement and practice standardization.

一、Hospital Construction and Management

1、  GWCMC successfully held the first Forum of Hospital Delicacy Management and the Summit of Delicacy Management of Maternal and Children’ s Health Care Center. Clinical Laboratory has accredited the ISO 15189. The Family Planning criteria have all been fully met. We have completed the preparatory work of taking over the Maternal and Children’ s Health Care Center of Nansha District and constructing the Nansha Campus .There was a initial contact and discussion on the collaborative project of constructing Guangzhou International Children Hospital.

二、Human Resource Management

1 、131 key specialists were recruited.

2、GWCMC was recognized as National Post-doctoral Research Workstation by National Post-doctor Administration Center.

3 、New specialties were well supported. Plastic Surgery Department and Pre-term Research Center were established.

三、Medical and Nursing Management

1、Pediatric Surgery and Stomatology Department have been recognized as National Key clinical Specialty and Provincial Key Clinical Specialty perspectively; Neonatology and Prenatal Medicine have successfully applied for the Guangzhou Key Specialties.

2、5 guidelines and policies were reviewed and reviewed and revised;7medical improvement projects were in place .The establishment of clinical pathway brought a decrease on 0.23 days in average stay. Pediatric Surgery Clinical Guideline and Pediatric Clinical Guideline have been published. We have also completed the writing of OB/GY Clinical Guideline and Hospital Delicacy Management Series and the revise of Pediatric Clinical Pathway.

3、In preparation of the Magnet Nursing accreditation, we have started 185 QC programmes. With a series of nursing caring measures, the resignment rate decreased by 0.44%.In the first, one of the invents in Nursing innovation competition was awarded the innovation patent by PRC intellectual Property Management Bureau.

四、Research and Education

1、GWCMC has obtained 1 national level technology award,2 provincial technology awards and 2 municipal city technology awards.325 papers have been published, among which there are 38 SCIs and 39 Chinese Series papers.

2、GWCMC have established 72 research projects, with 2 granted by National Nature and Science Fund.

3、We have undertook 37 continuous education projects. 30 graduates and 8 PhDs students were admitted.

五、Maternal and Children heath care

1、In 2013, GWCMC continues to promote the Guangzhou Maternal and Child Well-being Action Plans, containing 11 sub-plans and 5 major public health plans. The maternal mortality of whole Guangzhou population and registered population was 9.88/10 million live births and 7.33/10million live births, pspectively. Infant mortality rate was decreased to 3.47%.

2、The online maternal and child health information system has been put into use. Covering 157 health institutions with obstetrics  services.

3、women in rural area received cancer and breast cancer screening, an test of HIV, syphilis and HBV.

六、Logistic management

1、5.9million items of assets were purchased, in total of 40.42 million RMB. The transportation team has made 6 million patient transfers and 5974 ambulance missions. The work on warehouse, devices maintenance, diet and relevant training and management have all satisfactorily completed.

2、35 construction projects have been completed. 21 departments have been decorated.

3、More than 5430 devices has undergone preventive maintenance; 552 maintenance records were established.

七、Information system

1、13 projects were completed, including the medical record quality control system, outpatient system update, birth cohort stud information system and HIS integration and revision.

2、With the completion of first HIS and PACS QA program, the problems of slowness and errors have been greatly improved. We have promoted the Health Bureau’s collective outpatient appointment project.

3、The report to National Hospital Quality Information Platform was on time.


1、GWCMC has finished the calculation related to the reasonable tax project, and collected the analyzed each department’s secondary bonus allocation scheme.

2、GWMCM has cleaned up the account of commodity price, public-funded health insurance, social health insurance and etc.

3、GMCMC has carried out the costing calculaof each department, 10 diseases and 100 project cost accounting and analysis.

九、Construction of Spirit Civilization

1、More than 20 issues and problems have been identified and proposed to set as major projects during the Party’s themed Practice “People-centered route”. The administration plan of office setting for administrative manage staff has been enforced.

2、GWCMC established the accountability mechanism for constructing a clean and honest government and continued to carried out related education programmes. It’s evaluated as outstanding in mid-assessment of Guangzhou Health System.

3、GWCMC actively carried out “president-week” , “bonus allocation study” and “operation and quality management study” , and gained over 95% satisfactory vote in the medical ethics assessment.


1、GWCMC spares no effort to bridge international activities and takes effective measures to promote international collaborations. For the past year, around 88 of our staff have been abroad to learn and exchange with our counterparts while 68 international guests have visited us.

2、Over 83 petition letters have been accepted and processed.

3、GWCMC has established technical supporting partnership with 4 health institutions in south China and provided free technical training for over 100 medical staff and nurses. RMB 7.24 million fund have been raised during the whole year. 150 sick children in poverty are given financial supports, on average RMB 18356 for each subsidized individual.

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