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Recognized as the Key Medical Discipline in Guangdong “12th Five Year Plan”,the Woman & Child Health Care specialty integrates clinical, healthcare and research,providing scientific evidence for maternal and child health policy making in Guangzhou. In 2013, the Department continues to promote the Guangzhou Maternal and Child Wellbeing Action Plans, with 26.98 million RMB annual project fund. By the end of 2013, we have helped 32 grass-roots medical institutes complete the standardization of delivery room construction and neonatal services, initiated expert guidance program and provided health workforce training. The newly developed maternal and child well-being propaganda platform covers bus, BRT stations, plazas etc.The new maternal and child health survelliance information system was online. The department made enormous efforts in reducing maternal mortality and infant mortality and other major public health programs. In 2013, the maternal mortality ratio of whole population is 9.88/10 million live births; the maternal mortality ratio of local population is 7.33/10 million live births,which reduces 51.68% compare with last year;infant mortality rate is 3.47 ‰. As a missionary training center in Guangzhou Maternal and Children Healthcare, it has commitment to 38 times of various training and 28000 persontimes attend the courses in total.

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