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Medical Imaging Diagnosis Department

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In 2013, the Medical Imaging Diagnosis Department opened the routine night shift to accommodate the increasing needs, reaching an historical new height of 12,000 in the number of annual MRI examination cases. The antenatal diagnosis has completed over 700 fetal MRI examinations annually and achieving a 100% success rate of MRI examinations forless than five-year-old infants.

Regarding the scientific research, the project of Prognosis of Successful Model of Conservative Therapy of Developmental Dislocation of Hip(CDH) in Infants by Dr. Liu Hong Sheng of MR room has been recognized by Guangzhou Science and Information Bureau and was granted with a sponsor fund of RMB200, 000.On Aug. 3rd, 2013, the Ultrasound Department successfully held the Continuing Education on New Development of Fetal Echocardiography,inviting Prof. Tian Zhi Yun from Philadelphia Children's Hospital, US as well as some other national and international well-known experts.On Sep. 28th-29th, 2013, we hosted the First Pediatric Imaging Conference of Pediatric Brach of Guangdong Radiology Association and The Third-Quarter Image Review Symposium of Guangzhou Radiology Branch Association,with a theme of United and Developed to Cure Children Patients. On Nov. 21st-24th,2013, we held the Third National Continuing Education on the New Development of Pediatric Neurological Imaging, attracting a huge number of participants. In addition, Dr. Zhang Jing,the Chief of Medical Imaging Department has been fully voted as the Director of the Pediatric Intervention Branch of the Radiology Branch of Guangdong Medical Association, which symbolizes our leading position in the pediatric imaging diagnosis filed in Guangdong.

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