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Neonatology Department & NICU

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Neonatology Department was the key clinical specialist of Guangdong province. More than 8,000 neonates were admitted in 2013and over 1000 critical ill neonates have been transferred.We have undertaken several governmental training programmes for Neonatologists across the country. In 2013, the team welcomed one professor and MD supervisor. 70 doctors and 40 nurses from other hospitals have received training here.

Funded by Hong Kong Children's Foundation,we have initiated a three-year Neonatal Comprehensive Rescue Program in Yunnan province.

In 2013, the department published 14 papers and established 1 provincial-level research project.

The director of the department Dr. Zhou Wei was elected as the member of 16th Neonatology Commitee of Chinese Medical Association and vice-chair of Perinatal Physician Working Committee of Guangdong Pysician Association.

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