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Chinese Traditional Medicine Department

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For the past year, the Chinese Traditional Medicine Department has been focusing on the development of subspecialties of digestive diseases, kidney disease, Rhinitis and etc.Over 150,000 patients have received outpatient consultation here. It’s responsible for the Chinese Traditional Medicine Consultation across the hospital. The head of the Department Dr. Li Qianghua was elected as the member of Pediatrics Committee of Chinese Traditional Medicine Association.

The Department provides high quality massage services for a range of diseases in Children,including torticollis, cough, fever, constipation,anorexia and other diseases.

The We have got the project of "acupuncture combined with Chinese medicine treatment of children with Tourette syndrome in a randomized controlled study," from the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine (GPBTCM), carrying out research continuously, and also got another two research projects from GPBTCM in collaboration with respectively Respiratory Department and Immunology Department.We issued a total of nine national papers, two provincial papers. In addition, a number of physicians actively participate in our department clinic activities, community service, widely praised by all sectors of society and the people.

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