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For the past year, Clinical Nutrition Departmenthas continuously expand its service scope,with newly provided services on bone density and composition analysis, energy metabolism measurement, breast milk components analysis and etc. The number of outpatient visits reached 6916, an increase of 40% compared with that of last year. The number of nutrition consultation and participation in patient rounds has grown by 60%, reaching 3880 this year.

In 2013 May, the Mother’s Milk Bank was established. Until now, 212 donor mothers have contributed in total of 140000 ml milk, saving 25 children. We have also launched “Mobile Mother’s Milk Bank Program”, so that we can collect milk at donor’s home. Nearly 30 media have made positive reports on Mother’s Milk Bank.

Deparment Director Dr. Liu Xihong led the research project " Metabonomics study of growth mode of discharged preterm birth children". 3 papers have been published. It also undertake national continued education project “medicine management of preterm infants after discharge” and “childhood obesity prevention”.

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