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Neonatal Surgery Departtment

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In 2013, the Department admitted 1611 patientsand performed 1198 operations, among which,373 were neonatal surgeries and 825 were general pediatric procedures. The number of outpatient visit reached 4500, with 323 prenatal consultations.

New developed projects included comprehensive assessment and operations for complicated anorectal malformation(ARM) such as cloaca. Minimal-invasive laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures are extensively carried out for esophageal atresia, congenital diaphragmatic hernia , hiatal hernia, high type of ARM , choledochal cyst, ovarian cyst and intestinal atresia. Grading system for minimal-invasive surgery in neonates has been established. We developed bowel management program for incontinence patients and the effective rate is 85%. Our capacity in neonatal minimal-invasive surgery, medical care for complicated and critically congenital malformations and peri-operative care for lowweight preterm babies has ranked among top nationwide.

We have built close relationship with University of HongKong Medical Centre. Through hosting the 2013 China—US conference of digestive disease in children, we have set up broad cooperation with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center(CCHMC) and Seattle Children's Hospital. Project “The Pathogenesis and Clinical Treatment of Esophageal atresia” won the second-class Guangzhou City Science and Technology Award and third-class Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award. In 2013, one of our projects has been granted by the provincial Nature and Science Fund and 6 papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

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