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Stomatology Department

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The outpatients achieved 91,000, and 1750 inpatients were admitted and we had 350 outpatient composed general surgery for one year.

We focus on the development of specialize subjects, such as laser treatment of oral diseases,oral minor surgery under deep sedation and dental treatment under general anesthesia, which at the leading level in domestic. Meanwhile, we take full advantages of the achievement in sequence treatment of cleft lip and palate.

The Specialty Leader, Wang Hongtao is appointed as vice chairman of Guangdong Provinace Cosmetology Association, and deputy director of Guangdong Provincila Stolatological Association of oral an maxillofacial surgery, and the chairman of Guangzhou Medical Association of the oral cavity. Chen Ke,the department Head, serves as committee member of Chinese medical association medical laser committee, and deputy director of stomatology, and appointed as the editor of"Chines Journal of Laser Medicine and surgery".We have established two funded projects,with one of the Guangdong Province Natural Science Foundation project. 12 papers were published.

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