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Otorhinolaryngology Hearing Center

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The volume of outpatient visits, operations,newborn hearing screening and diagnosis have increased by 15%.

1. More 40 cochlear implant operations have been performed, achieveing remarkable positive outcome.

2. In 2013, the Department carried out the first RFA laryngeal angioplasty in China and until now more than 10 cases have been performed.

3. It also took the lead in the country to carry out endoscopic tracheal resection of tracheal stenosis dilation, and has successfully treated more than 20 patients.

4. The Department successfully carried out two racheal stenosis operations.

Professor Luo Renzhong is the deputy chair of the Pediatric E.N.T. Committee of Chinese Medical Association and member of editor committee of Chinese E.N.T. Surgery Journal.

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