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Otorhinolary Department Sleeping Center

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The Sleeping Center has made remarkableprogress in 2013.

1. The Department Head Dr. Liu Dabo ranked the first among all the corresponding authors in terms number of papers published. The department ranked 11th among all the tertiary first class hospitals in terms of number of papers published (based on the data from E.N.T.committee of Chinese Medical Association.

2. Complex Cases of Pediatric Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery was officially published.

3. Dr. Liu Dabo was elected as the editor committee member of Chinese E.N.T Surgery Journal.

4. The Department successfully hed the 2013 Summit of Pediatric ENT Diseases.

5. As PhD supervisor of Southern Medical University, Dr. Liu Dabo admitted one PhD student in 2013.

6. The number of outpatient visits reached 100 thousand.

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