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Anesthesiology Department

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In 2013, 26246 surgeries were performed, an increase of 2.47% compared with last year.The smallest patient received anesthesia was a preterm baby with only 0.68 kg,undergone cardiac surgery. The Department has initiated a variety of innovative programs,including one-lung ventilation in newborn underwent esophageal atresia repair; improved transesophageal echocardiography in cardiovascular surgery; labor analgesia and etc.We have also collaborated with Obstetric ICU in 7critical cases.

We have hosted the 2013 Annual Pediatric Anesthesia Conference (the 3rd China-America Pediatric Anesthesia Symposium and South China Anesthesia Symposium) in May,which was the largest of its kind so far.Serving as the only pediatric anesthesia training center in Southern China, the Department has trained 50 anesthesiologists from community hospitals. Professor Song Xingrong, the Department Head, was elected to be the vice chairman of Pain group of Guangdong Medical Association and Guangdong Physician Association. 4 SCI papers, 4 Chinese Series papers and 9 core peer-reviewed journal papers have been published in 2013.

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