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Gynecology Department

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Since June 2010, Reproductive Immune Gynecology Unit has carried out the comprehensive measures in women with recurrent spontaneous abortions including paternal (or the third party) Lymphocyte Immunization, passive immunization of immunoglobulin and Antimicrothrombi etc. 510 participants have been recruited. The outcome showed 430 (96.4%) patients’ blocking antibodies had changed to positive.

The Gynecology reproductive endocrine Unit developed several new technologies: (1) the minimally invasive operation in treatment of cesarean scar diverticulum abnormal uterine bleeding (2) treatment of cesarean scar pregnancy by female scar pregnancy lesion resection. We also carried out drug clinical trials "the effectiveness and safety phase II clinical trials of Changtong oral liquid treatment of peritoneal adhesion after operation”in cooperation with the Southern Medical University.

The Urogynecology Unit fully developed pelvic floor rehabilitation services. 40929 women were examined and 13760 got treatment. The Gynecology oncology department applied several new technologies in operations, and held the National continuing education program”Application of hysteroscopy technology in gynecological diseases and new progress classes ”and“gynecological oncology and the progress of minimally invasive surgery learning symposium“ in 2013.

We have carried out 5 provincial scientific research projects and published 32 papers in national core journals and 2 SCI papers.

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