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Assisted Reproductive Technology Center

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Center of Assisted Reproductive Technology is an integrated treatment system, which consists of infertility consulting, ultrasound examination,surgical treatment and embryo lab techniques.From October 2012 to October 2013, we have operated 678 oocyte retrieval cycles, and 189 intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles. The clinical pregnancy rate of fresh embryo transfer cycle was about 55%. And we conducted 407 frozen –thawed embryo transfer cycles,the clinical pregnancy rate of frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycle was 50%. In addition,among the patients received fresh embryo transfer, the clinical pregnancy rate of women at 20-30 years old was 61.9% and the clinical pregnancy rate of women above 40 years old was 16.2%.

We have improved the natural cycle regimen for frozen-thawed embryo transfer, and increased the clinical pregnancy rate of frozenthawed embryo transfer cycle. Dr. Ling Sun,the Center Director, was invited to give a speech on “Natural cycle regimen for frozenthawed embryo transfer”. We spare no effort in community health education and promotion.Five experts from our center participated in the free consultation activity organized by Guangzhou Women Federation, giving lectures and medical advices to couples in rural area.The official website and We-chat platform of Center of Assisted Reproductive Technology were opened in October 2013.

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