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Central laboratory focused on virology as the main research and direction of the work of professional laboratory, Southern China area is one of the few hospital laboratory for conventional virus isolation. After many years of efforts of precipitation, central lab has accumulated a number of very valuable technical means and working experience in virology research and diagnosis. It actively expand the spectrum detection and virus to meet the clinical need in virus diagnosis and treatment of disease. Recently, the laboratory has been quick gene and serological diagnosis of several dozen kinds of virus more common clinical subtypes of the virus diseases, clinical diagnosis, treatment options, the prognosis assessment provides objective, direct technical indexes for clinical viral diseases, provide powerful support. In recent years, aroused great panic hand foot and mouth disease, specialized research backbone were actively study and explore the mechanism of viral EV71 maximum harm infection of human epithelial cells, and the results are very encouraging, laid the foundation for further study of the following.

The central laboratory in 2013 to continue to play its important role in the prevention and control of infectious disease H7N9,outbreaks in early 2013. It immediately established H7N9 detection system, the detection of influenza virus and tens of thousands of cases of children in the H7N9 warning period, of which 1619 cases of influenza A virus positive patients the H7N9 genotyping, it also established the detection system of influenza A virus H1, H3,H5 and N1, N2, to guide the clinical diagnosis and treatment.

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