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Born in Guangzhou Birth Cohort Study

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In 2013, the Born in Guangzhou Birth Cohort Study of Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center becomes the largest domestic birth cohort study. By 31st December, it has recruited 6,085 pregnant women with 4,411 having given birth, 1,375 fathers and 4,505 children with 93 twins and one triplets. There are 293,468 aliquots stored in our biobank,which includes blood, cord blood, umbilical cord, placenta, dried blood spots and some tissues. The birth cohort daily operation management already reached the international level, with 70% enrollment rate, and 85% follow up rate of one year old children. It has integrated multiple mass media to maintain follow-up. The biobank has 12 sets of ultra-low temperature freezer and 4 large liquid nitrogen storage tanks. The visualization of biological samples management is achieved through the information systems delivering real-time clinic and laboratory information, as well as dynamic data updates.The birth cohort study supports one National Natural Science Foundation Project, one Provincial Natural Science Foundation Project, one Provincial Science and Technology Key Project, one Municipal Science and Technology Foreign Cooperation Project, three Municipal Major Livelihood Science projects, as well as 5 other types of research projects. So far, the cohort has gained 14 million RMB funding and. published 3 SCI papers and 1 paper in Chinese Series in 2013.

In 2013, we have organized more than 30 academic exchanges. In October 2013, the British Minister of State for Higher Education and Technology David Willettes and 11 delegation members visited the birth cohort.

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