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For the past year, the Pharmacy Division has made 4.5 billion CNY drug purchase, three million outpatient western medicine prescriptions, one million Chinese Traditional Medicine prescriptions, over two million inpatient orders and two million PIVAS bags. 5200 cases of near miss have been reported. The waiting time was less than 10 minutes. The medication education rate was 100%; Single dose dispensing is made possible in Central pharmacy with automatic dispensing machine. We have established operation room satellite pharmacy as well. PIVAS runs at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Eight full-time clinical pharmacists are working in pediatric respiratory, digestive, critical care, obstetrics and gynecology ward, participating in rounds, examining prescriptions, education, consultation and etc.

Many II, III, IV clinical experiment have been carried out in 7 GCP approved clinical departments. Dr. He Fan has successfully applied for the National Natural Science Funds.More than 20 papers have been published in the core journals. The Division Head Dr. He Yanling made a conference report named“Medication Management and Use and continuous improvement for JCI standard”in the 24th national conference on pediatric pharmacy.

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