[Media Focus] Good news! In 2020, the nation's largest women's and children's hospital will be opened in Zengcheng!

The construction area is 230,000 square meters, and the Zengcheng District of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center, which covers an area of ​​over 100 acres, was officially launched. According to the plan of one year of construction and one year of renovation, the number of beds with more than 1,000 beds will provide comprehensive medical services for children and obstetrics and gynecology. The largest women and children hospital in the country will be officially opened.             
"At that time, a large number of pediatric medical treatment projects such as child organ transplantation and complicated cardiac surgery will be carried out in this hospital area." Gong Sitang, deputy director (deputy dean) of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center, revealed that the current women and children center Reserves for medical personnel and technical strength have begun. After the new hospital district is put into use, it will greatly alleviate the relative difficulties of women and children in Guangzhou and even in the province and southern China.
Zengcheng has been able to carry out complex heart surgery
On September 19th, the Zengcheng ward of the Heart Center of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center was formally established in Zengcheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Zengchengyuan District) and accepted the first children with congenital heart disease. On the afternoon of the 19th, the first child congenital heart disease operation in Zengcheng was carried out. The operation was performed by the well-known local congenital heart disease surgical treatment expert and the director of the heart of the city women and children center, Chen Xinxin.
Zengcheng first case of congenital heart disease surgery
The child was a two-year-old girl diagnosed with atrial septal defect. The team of Chen Xinxin will perform her surgery for congenital heart disease under cardiopulmonary bypass. The cost of surgery is about 4-5 million yuan. Due to the poverty of the children, the Municipal Women and Children Center applied for Li Jiajie's cherished life fund assistance, and funded a certain amount of funds for the cost gap of the self-funded part of the medical insurance reimbursement. 
As the first child-friendly heart disease operation in Zengcheng District, this operation fills the gap in Zengcheng District's technology for treating children with congenital heart disease, marking the official landing of the nation's leading congenital heart disease treatment service in Zengcheng District, and also marks the city. The Zengcheng District has achieved zero breakthroughs in the technical level of treatment for congenital heart disease.
The country's largest women's and children's home area is expected to be put into use by 2020
Earlier, Tang Xiaoping, director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Planning Commission, said in the Yangcheng Academy that around 2020, each district in Guangzhou will have a three-level women's and children's medical institution. In this regard, Zengcheng has also begun to move forward, the foundation work of the project has been completed, and entered the stage of pile foundation construction.
According to Gong Sitang, deputy director (deputy dean) of the Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center, according to the current progress, the capping will be completed within one year, and it will be renovated in about one year. It will not be a problem to put into use in 2020.
▲ Deputy Director Gong Sitang introduced the layout of Zengcheng District
It is reported that this new medical institution named Zengcheng District of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center covers an area of ​​230,000 square meters and consists of three main buildings. It plans to open more than 1,000 beds. After completion, it will be the largest women's and children's hospital in China. “The future Zengcheng District will bring together medical, clinical, scientific research and teaching to provide a comprehensive treatment for a wider range of women and children.”
In addition to hardware construction, relevant personnel reserves and medical reserve reserves have also been carried out. Gong Sitang revealed that the center has already reserved more than 500 doctors and nurses for the Zengcheng District project. The relevant standardized training work is still in progress, and the original medical care strength of Zengcheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital will be exceeded after the completion of the new hospital area. The medical care of 1,000 people is put into operation to ensure operation. 
Source: Southern Metropolis Daily
Reporter | Wang Daobin
Correspondent | Zhou Mi Li Wen