[Media Focus] 4 year old child accidentally swallowed the bracelet and stayed in the body for two months

Guangzhou 4-year-old children mistakenly swallowed their mother's bracelet when they played it. Two months later, the child was referred to Guangzhou for colonoscopy and found that the bracelet had been mistaken into the interior of the appendix, but fortunately it was successfully removed. Experts reminded that children aged 3-6 are lively and active, full of curiosity about the surrounding environment, prone to various accidents, parents should pay attention.
Xiao Ming (a pseudonym), 4 years old, accidentally swallowed her mother's bracelet two months ago. Afterwards, I took a plain film in the local hospital and judged that the foreign body had fallen into the intestines. The child did not feel unwell, so I went home and waited. Normally, the foreign body will be discharged as scheduled (2-7 days), but the whole two months have passed, and the child has not discharged foreign matter. Many photos were reviewed, all of which suggested that the foreign body was fixed in the right lower abdomen. The anxious parents took the child to the Children's Hospital of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center.
The director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center immediately arranged a careful examination of the child and finally found a metal bracelet inside the appendix.
The internal space of the appendix is ​​small, the mucosal wall is thin, and the bracelet has been mistakenly inserted into the appendix for too long. The foreign body and the mucous membrane have already been stuck. A slight difference in the pool will have serious consequences. Under the doctor's fine operation, the bracelet was finally taken out from the appendix, and the bracelet was measured in vitro to be 25 cm long! At present, the child has recovered as usual and discharged smoothly.
Warm reminder: more than half of the foreign bodies in the digestive tract are coins!
After combing thousands of cases, it was found that boys swallowed foreign bodies far more than girls.
He said that the center had combed statistics on 1257 children's digestive tract foreign bodies in the hospital. It was found that boys were more likely to appear than girls in the occurrence of foreign bodies in the digestive tract. "In more than 1,200 small cases, 845 were boys, only 412 girls, and boys more than double the girls."
"In more than 1,200 cases of digestive tract foreign body treatment, there were also two death cases, all of which were pierced by the sharp esophagus and injured the aorta near the heart and died of severe blood loss. This suggests that we have encountered child errors. When swallowing foreign objects, be sure to handle them carefully and in a timely manner. Especially when foreign objects are sharp, sharp objects, or magnetic stickers, batteries, etc., he said, the most likely cause of children's digestive tract foreign bodies is the most easily overlooked. Coins. It accounted for 669 of the total 1257 cases, more than half.
He said that Xiao Ming’s special case of foreign body in the appendix reminds parents not to underestimate the risk of the baby eating foreign objects. The dangerous goods in the easy entrance to the home must be kept away from children.
★Expert introduction: 耿岚岚★
He, Chief Physician, Professor, Ph.D., Director of the Department of Digestive Medicine, Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center.
Engaged in pediatric clinical work for more than 20 years, has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases in children, good at digestive endoscopic operation and various endoscopic treatments, including enteroscopy, gastroscope for foreign body, endoscopic hemostasis, gastroscope Esophageal varices sclerotherapy, endoscopic esophageal stricture balloon dilatation, gastroscope
Esophageal stent placement, gastroscopic congenital pyloric stenosis and duodenal stenosis balloon dilatation, colonoscopy polypectomy, colonoscopy hemangioma sclerotherapy injection, endoscopic hemangioma nylon ligation.
Social service:
Secretary of the Consumer Chemistry Section of the 17th Committee of the Pediatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association
Deputy Director, Youth Committee, Xiaoqing Group, 17th Committee of Pediatrics Branch, Chinese Medical Association
Deputy Director of Pediatric Endoscopy, Department of Endoscopy, Chinese Medical Doctor Association
Deputy Director of the Pediatric Digestive and Minimally Invasive Medicine Group of China Maternal and Child Health Association
Standing Committee Member of the First Committee of the Clinical Branch of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital Association
Head of Department of Pediatric Digestive Endoscopy, Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission
Member of the Third Committee of the Intestinal Parenteral Nutrition Branch of Guangdong Medical Association
Standing Member of the Ninth Committee of the Guangzhou Medical Association Digestive Diseases Branch
Member of the Digestive Nutrition Group of the 16th Committee of the Pediatrics Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association
Guangdong Provincial Medical Planning Commission expert consultant
Expert Consultant of Guangzhou Medical Commission
Editorial Board of the 15th Editorial Board of Chinese Pediatrics
International Pediatrics Journal Special Reviewer
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