Child health insurance: trace the treatment of newborns

Retrospective treatment of newborns
Many Bao Dabao mothers are born after the baby,
Immersed in the joy of the first parents,
I accidentally forgot to give my baby medical insurance in time!
Nani, what should I do?
Don't panic, we have a welfare in Guangzhou -
Retrospective treatment of newborns
Newborns after birth,
Within 6 months (including the month of birth)
Promptly apply for insurance registration and payment procedures,
Enjoy the corresponding from the day of birth
Medical insurance for urban and rural residents.
After applying for medical insurance, you must prepare the following reimbursement materials:
1. Original invoice;
2. A list of fees corresponding to the invoice;
3, Guangzhou outpatient drug fee: provide a copy of the medical record of the outpatient medical record and the expense;
4. Guangzhou hospitalization expenses:
(1) Obstetrics hospitalization: the mother's inpatient medical record home page (or admission record), discharge summary and diagnosis certificate;
(2) Pediatric hospitalization: the first page of the neonatal inpatient medical record (or admission record), the discharge summary and the diagnosis certificate; (the hospital-related materials are required to be stamped with the medical institution's medical record management special seal)
5. Copy of the front and back of the newborn medical insurance card (or social security card with medical insurance function);
6. Copy of the front and back of the mother's ID card;
7. A copy of the birth certificate;
8. Other materials that need to be submitted for review according to the situation.