Pediatric breathing specialty

First, the respiratory department
The Children's and Children's Medical Center of Guangzhou City (formerly Guangzhou Children's Hospital) has a long history of children's respiratory sciences. It was formally established in the 1970s. Under the efforts of several generations of respiratory subjects, it has become a collection of clinical, teaching and scientific research, and enjoys a high reputation of pediatric respiratory specialists in South China and even the whole country. It is the National Key Clinical Specialist of the Ministry of Health, the Children's Respiratory Endoscopy Training Center of the Ministry of Health, and the Key Discipline and Clinical Key Specialist of the “Twelfth Five-Year” Medical Association of the Guangdong Provincial Health Department. At the same time, it was rated as “Advanced Unit for Clinical Application and Technology Promotion of Pediatric Bronchoscopy” and “The Strongest Department of Guangdong Provincial Hospital”. He teaches students at Zhongshan University, Guangzhou Medical University and Jinan Medical University. At present, our department consists of two respiratory specialist wards and two respiratory specialist clinics. There are standardized submerged inhalation treatment centers, children's bronchoscopy clinics and day wards, pediatric specific immunization clinics, infant lung function rooms, standardized asthma clinics and other sub-units.
There are 30 specialists in this specialty, including 12 senior titles, 2 postgraduate tutors, 6 doctors (reading), and 4 postdoctoral fellows. 4 members of the American Heart Association (AHA) training instructor and 1 director training instructor. Now 3 people have been awarded the title of "Yangcheng Good Doctor" and one person has been awarded the "Lingnan Famous Doctor". Has rich clinical experience and has a comparative diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory diseases such as pulmonary infectious diseases, wheezing diseases, hemorrhagic diseases, interstitial lung diseases, immune abnormal lung diseases and congenital bronchial-pulmonary malformations. Deep rumors.
Second, professional features
1. Standardized Childhood Asthma Specialist:
He is the leader of the Children's Asthma Collaborative Group of the Pediatric Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association. As one of the earliest units in China to carry out inhalation treatment for children with asthma, it has sound hardware facilities and advanced asthma management platform. He has accumulated rich experience in the management, education and testing of childhood asthma. Currently, there are two asthma centers, and a relatively complete child asthma respiratory rehabilitation center and lung function detection system have been established. A team of children's asthma experts, composed of clinically experienced children's respiratory experts, established a child asthma management platform using the breathing APP in the context of the Internet of Things era, enabling intelligent management and services.
2, children's bronchoscopy clinic and day ward:
He is the leader of the bronchoscopy collaboration group of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association. In 2015, the first pediatric bronchoscopy clinic ward was established in China. At the children's bronchoscopy clinic, general lung exploration and local anesthesia can be used for routine lung exploration, bronchoalveolar lavage, removal of foreign body in the bronchi, endobronchial biopsy, and endoscopic direct observation of pulmonary hemorrhage and tracheal tumor diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, a number of pulmonary intervention techniques such as transbronchial carbon dioxide cryotherapy, electrotomy, balloon dilatation, and argon plasma coagulation have been carried out. And to undertake the outpatient bronchoscopy consultation work, to solve more difficult cases of respiratory system.
3, infant lung function room:
It is a unit that develops lung function in infants and young children earlier in the country. It has first-class lung function equipment and can detect lung function at various ages, including ventilation, ventilation, respiratory mechanics, functional residual capacity, negative pressure expiratory flow measurement (NEP), Detection of bronchodilation and bronchial provocation test; body diagram measuring lung resistance and compliance in infants, functional residual capacity and lung compliance, lung function expiratory negative pressure. At the same time, a non-invasive airway inflammation monitoring room for infants and young children was established.
4, pediatric specific immune treatment room:
He is the deputy head unit of the Respiratory Immunology Group of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Pediatric Branch of the Chinese Medical Association. It has carried out common allergen testing items such as pediatric skin prick test and serum-specific IgE test. It has an independent desensitization treatment room and carries out sublingual and subcutaneous injection desensitization-specific immunotherapy.
5, children's interstitial lung disease diagnosis and treatment clinic:
He is a member of the Collaborative Group of Pediatric Interstitial Lung Disease in the Pediatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association. He has a certain clinical and research basis. He has worked closely with thoracic surgery and interventional departments to gradually improve the clinical and imaging of interstitial lung disease in children. Diagnostic procedures such as genetic screening and treatment.
6, respiratory infections specialist:
Under the jurisdiction of the respiratory specialist clinic, respiratory infection ward, children's respiratory system bacteria library, children's respiratory system virus library, respiratory pathogen detection center, is one of the WHO influenza surveillance sites.
Third, research and teaching
(1) Academic exchange and teaching
Hosted the National Continuing Education Program for 8 consecutive years
1. Yangcheng Pediatric Respiratory Forum and New Progress in Pediatric Respiratory Diseases
2, children's lung function related new technology classes
3, children's bronchoscopy diagnosis and treatment technology "hands" class
In recent years, the department has also hosted large-scale scientific and continuing education programs such as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Pediatric Respiratory Forum, the Pearl River Pediatric Respiratory Forum, and the Flow School. Regular regular consultations on grassroots children's respiratory diseases are conducted.
Teaching and training physicians (including bronchoscopy, lung function operations, etc.) are spread throughout South China and even the whole country.
(2) Research
In recent years, the department has hosted and participated in scientific research projects at all levels:
1. National TCM Clinical Research Base Key Diseases Project
2. National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Science Fund Project (2 items)
3. Special for the National Health Planning Commission
4. National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medical Center
5. Open topic of the Key Laboratory of Molecular Virus and Immunology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
6. Special research topics in the Chinese medicine industry
7. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project
8. Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Fund Key Project
9. Guangdong Natural Science Fund Project (2 items)
10. Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department project social development project (3 items)
11. Guangdong Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Project
Our specialists have been in internationally renowned journals J Allergy Clin Immunol, Journal of Celluar and Molecular, Jpn Jinfect Dis, Medicine, BMC Infect Dis, Mediators Inflammation, Exp Ther Med, Int J Clin Exp Med, European J of Inflammation, Eur J Pediatr and other magazines published more than 20 SCI research papers, more than 10 Chinese magazines, participated in 5 writings, participated in more than 10 national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of children's respiratory related diseases or the development of expert consensus.
Fourth, the introduction of the academic leader
Professor Deng Li, Chief Physician, Master Instructor, National Clinical Key Specialist of the Ministry of Health.
Deputy Director of the Respiratory Group of the Pediatric Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Vice Chairman of the Allergy Society of Guangdong Medical Association, Member of the Standing Committee of the Pediatric Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association, Head of the Respiratory Group of the Pediatric Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association, Pediatric Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association The leader of the Asthma Collaborative Group of the Respiratory Group, the deputy chairman of the Pediatrics Branch of the Guangzhou Medical Association, the deputy head of the Chinese Children's Tracheoscopy Collaboration Group, and the Secretary of the Chinese Children's Sleep Medicine Collaborative Group. Editorial Board of "Chinese Journal of Pediatrics", editorial board of "Chinese Practical Pediatrics", "Chinese Pediatric First Aid Magazine", "Chinese Evidence-based Pediatrics", "Chinese Practical Pediatric Clinical Journal", "Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine".
He graduated from Jinan University Medical College in 1986 and obtained a master's degree. He has been engaged in pediatric medical work for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases in children. His main research interests include: children's lung function, childhood asthma, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, respiratory infection. In 2009, he won the third prize of Chinese Medical Science. In 2009, he won the second prize of the Natural Science Progress of the Ministry of Education, and published 78 papers.
Professor Lu Gen, Chief Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Master Instructor, is currently a member of the Second Academic Committee of the Asia-Pacific Medical Bioimmunology Society, member of the 17th Respiratory Group of the Pediatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, member of the American Thoracic Society, and the Chinese Medical Association. Deputy Director of the Immunology Collaboration Group of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Pediatrics Branch, member of the Pediatric Branch of the 17th Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Tuberculosis Branch, member of the Pediatric Committee of the 16th Session of the Respiratory Physician of the Chinese Medical Association, and the Women and Children Minimally Invasive Branch of the China Maternal and Child Health Association Member of Children's Respiratory Intervention Group, Member of the First Pediatric Professional Committee of China Medical Education Association, Member of Pediatric Professional Committee of China Research Hospital Association, Chairman of Pediatrics and Clinical Engineering Branch of Guangdong Biomedical Engineering Association, Ordinary Disease of Guangdong Medical Association Deputy Director of the Respiratory Diseases Section of the Branch, Deputy Director of the Pediatric Respiratory Intervention Committee of the Guangdong Chest Association, Vice Chairman of the Allergic Reaction Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Physician Association, etc.
He graduated from the Pediatric Respiratory Department of Beijing Children's Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University. He has been engaged in pediatric breathing for nearly 20 years. He specializes in bronchoscopy and interventional treatment for children, congenital bronchial-pulmonary malformation in children and diagnosis and treatment of children with wheezing disease. He won the third prize of provincial medical science and technology progress and the second prize of municipal science and technology progress. The reviewer of the Chinese Practical Pediatric Clinical Journal published 12 SCI papers and more than 10 Chinese magazines by the first author or correspondent author.

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