Pediatric Surgery

First, the department introduction
Pediatric Surgery of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center is a technical force in South China. It is a strong pediatric surgery specialist with a wide range of diagnosis and treatment. It has a long history of nearly 60 years, especially after the establishment of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center. The development is faster and more comprehensive, bringing together a wide range of professionals. At present, the Center's Pediatric Surgery has 7 subspecialties and 1 surgical laboratory, a total of 30 beds, under the fetal medical center, heart center and endoscopy training center. The overall clinical diagnosis and treatment and research capabilities of pediatric surgery are at the leading level in China. On the basis of the well-established directors of the older generation, such as Huang Yukuan, Zhang Huidong and Wu Liankang, after 60 years of unremitting efforts, the pediatric surgery has established a team with a reasonable age, title and academic structure. A team of young and middle-aged physicians, a team of clinicians and researchers with clinical, teaching and research expertise. In 2013, he was awarded the National Clinical Key Specialist by the National Health and Family Planning Committee. In 2010, he was awarded the Guangdong Provincial Pediatric Surgery Specialist Resident Training Base.
Second, important honor
In 2013, it became the key specialist construction project of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (clinical key specialty), and the specialist ranks sixth in the country. In 2013, he published the book "Pediatric Surgical Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Process" jointly with the People's Military Medical Press, and established the diagnosis and treatment routines, medical treatment guidelines and disease propaganda manuals for common diseases in pediatric surgery, and homogenized and standardized the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. management. The clinical path management is in the forefront of the country. At present, there are more than 30 kinds of clinical path diseases in the operation of pediatric surgery. The book "Clinical Path of Common Diseases in Pediatric Surgery" jointly published with People's Health Publishing House will be officially published.
Third, composition and scale
Pediatric Surgery consists of 7 subspecialties and independent surgery in neonatal surgery and fetal surgery, general surgery (gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary surgery), oncology surgery, cardiothoracic surgery (heart surgery and thoracic surgery), urology, orthopedics, and cranial surgery. Pediatric Surgery Laboratory. At present, there are more than 300 beds open, 11007 patients are treated every year, the number of outpatient clinics is 15.713 million, the annual specialist surgery volume is 9,500, and the annual expert outpatient service reaches 10,000. The doctor team is equipped with reasonable equipment and various equipments for pediatric surgery. There are quite a lot of experience and high level in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, rare diseases and difficult and critical diseases.
Fourth, academic and scientific research
In recent years, more than 10 research funds have been awarded, including 5 awards including the Soong Ching Ling Pediatric Medicine Award and the Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award; 118 scientific research and clinical papers, and 11 SCI.
In 2012, the research on the mechanism and clinical treatment of congenital esophageal atresia won the third prize of the 2012 Guangdong Science and Technology Award.
In 2012, the research results of "Study on the Mechanism and Clinical Treatment of Congenital Esophageal Atresia" won the second prize of the 2012 Guangzhou Science and Technology Award.
In 2011, the experimental research on the mechanism of congenital septum and prenatal treatment was awarded the sixth Song Qingling Pediatric Medicine Award.
In 2008, the research results of "Initial Research on Congenital Septal Mechanism and Prenatal Treatment" won the "2007 Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Third Prize".
In 2007, the research results of "Initial Research on the Mechanism of Congenital Septal Formation and Prenatal Treatment" won the "2006 Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Second Prize".
Participated in organizing and successfully held academic conferences:
2014 National Conference on Pediatric Surgery
2014 Guangdong Medical Association Pediatric Surgery Academic Conference and China Pediatric Surgery Forum
2014 National Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposium
2014 Annual Meeting of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Group of the Pediatric Surgery Branch of the Chinese Medical Association
2013 Sino-US Children's Gastrointestinal Disease Symposium
2014 Sino-US Fetal Surgery Symposium
2014 National Pediatric Surgery Forum
2014 China Australian Pediatric Surgery Academic Forum
2014 Sixth National Freshmen) L Surgery Academic Conference
V. Foreign exchanges
The Department of Pediatric Surgery of the Women and Children's Medical Center has established regular exchanges and training programs with world-renowned children's hospitals such as the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and Kansas Children's Hospital to train high-level pediatric surgery professionals. Actively subsidize young doctors to study in internationally renowned children's medical centers such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, etc. At the same time, further strengthen the cultivation of composite talents combining expert and management, and promote long-term, stable and leap-forward development of pediatric surgery.
Sixth, the overall goal
It has become a first-class clinical key specialty in pediatric surgery in China, and has become a first-class pediatric surgery diagnosis and research center integrating clinical, scientific research and teaching.

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