[Experts say] Tang Shusheng: How do children improve their immunity?

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How can children improve their immunity?
Improving immunity is a systematic project. Child's immune system had to rely on their own exercise, parents can take their children to outdoor activities. The second nutritious diet is very important, the diet should be balanced, don't be afraid to get angry. Some parents say milk get angry, in fact, no such thing, to timely complementary feeding. Of course, children with compromised immune systems, do the relevant checks, indeed immunodeficiency, proper use some immunomodulatory agent is possible.
How to prevent repeated respiratory infections?
Summer is the season of air conditioning. Many parents turn on the air conditioner to 28 degrees, or turn it off in the middle of the night to turn off the air conditioner. Turn off the air conditioner for two hours, the temperature difference changes greatly, and the child is more likely to catch a cold. Therefore, the prevention of colds, the use of air conditioning is always the best, open to about 26 degrees. The second one is to play with children in places where there are many people in the epidemic season. After going out, go back and wash your hands. At home, pay attention to ventilation.
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