[Maternity Classroom] Constipation during pregnancy, how to relieve?

Many expectant mothers will have various discomforts during pregnancy. Today we will talk about the "big things" that are bothered and embarrassing during pregnancy.
When constipation occurs, expectant mothers will feel reduced bowel movements, difficulty in bowel movements, abdominal pain and bloating, and mental irritability and anxiety. As the date of delivery approaches, the condition of constipation in pregnant women may become more serious, and even in a dozen or more days, it is impossible to defecate. 
Why pregnant women are prone to constipation
1. After pregnancy, the progesterone is increased in a large amount, which reduces the secretion of gastric acid, decreases the muscle tone of the gastrointestinal tract and weakens the muscles' peristaltic ability.
2, the ever-increasing uterus oppresses the gastrointestinal tract, especially after the fetal head in the third trimester, the mechanical pressure of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the rectum, is more and more obvious, and often accompanied by the formation of hemorrhoids.
3, the intake of vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, will cause insufficient cellulose content in the gastrointestinal tract, which is not conducive to the decline of restaurants and stools.
4. Less activity during pregnancy.
5, too much calcium. Excess calcium may combine with fat to form calcium soap in the intestine, or combine with oxalic acid to form insoluble substances, increase intestinal burden and cause constipation. So pregnant mothers don't blindly make up calcium.
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I believe that no pregnant mother likes her long-term constipation, how should we alleviate this situation during pregnancy?
How to relieve constipation during pregnancy?
1. Eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, it is recommended to consume 25-35g of dietary fiber per day. Always eat some coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, and eat more vegetables (mainly leafy vegetables) and fruits.
2. Drink more water! Drink more water! Drink more water! Drink at least 1.5-2.0L daily. Pregnant mothers can get a cup of warm water on an empty stomach every morning to stimulate intestinal peristalsis. When increasing the intake of dietary fiber, it is necessary to increase the intake of water, otherwise constipation will be more serious.
3. Adhere to proper exercise every day, such as walking, you can also do some simple housework.
4. Develop a good habit of regular bowel movements every day, even if you can't get out of the room, you should go to the toilet on time and gradually form a conditional reflex.
Arrange your work and life properly to ensure your full rest and sleep.
Finally remind the pregnant mother, do not take the laxative drugs, if you need medication, please consult a doctor before use!
Source: Guangzhou Maternal and Child Health Care

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