[Women's Health] B is done every year, but how much do you know about it?

B-ultrasound as a mandatory item for the annual health checkup of female employees, has a very important significance in the diagnosis of some diseases, such as pelvic foreign body, uterine disease, abdominal pain or infertility, especially for women.
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Transabdominal B-ultrasound and vaginal B-ultrasound are different
Transabdominal B-ultrasound is very troublesome because of the need to urinate, and the vaginal B-ultrasound is relatively simple. The instrument used is actually the same as that used in the abdominal B-mode ultrasound. The difference is a unique probe. Apply a thin film and then probe the vagina into the vagina for examination. Although this test is simple, it is not suitable for everyone. If there is a lot of bleeding (menstrual period), it is not suitable for vaginal B-ultrasound.
The two methods of examination actually have different "pros and cons": transvaginal B-ultrasound uses high-frequency probes, because of the close uterus and ovaries, the image has clear resolution, so the results are more accurate, especially suitable for examining the endometrium and other small The lesions and the size of the follicles are detected; while the transabdominal B-ultrasound is more suitable. In general, combining the two will achieve the best diagnostic results.
What is the best level of urinary fistula?
In the first half hour to one hour before the examination, you need to drink about 6 to 8 cups of water. Generally speaking, it is best to have urine in your urine. This is not the best that many people need to reach the limit as they are rumored. Because the overfilled bladder will force the pelvic organs to displace and deform, some of the more subtle lesions are often concealed, such as small uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and so on. The signs of pregnancy (fetal cysts, germs) are also unclear due to pressure and flattening. Therefore, too much urinary urinary urinary tract is too much, which can cause difficulties and errors in diagnosis.
So how can we count the amount of urine? The sign of good filling is: when the subject is lying down, the lower abdomen is slightly raised in a shallow arc shape, which can sink under pressure and can be tolerated. If the abdomen is very high, the belly is very hard, and it is hard to bear with a little pressure. It is too much urine, and the filling is excessive.
Why do you want to urinate?
The uterus and ovaries are deep inside the pelvis, and the small intestine tends to sag into the pelvic cavity. When the abdomen B is overtime, the peristalsis of the intestine and its contents interfere with the image of the uterus and ovaries, making it unclear. Therefore, a large amount of drinking water is required before the examination to fill the bladder and push the intestines upward. If the bladder is not filled, an ultrasound examination will cause the gas in the bladder to overlap with the gas in the uterus, causing misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis. But not all gynecological transabdominal B ultrasound needs to urinate, such as the following situation is completely unnecessary: ​​after 8 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus grows into the abdominal cavity, the intestinal tube is naturally pushed upwards, and there is amniotic fluid in the uterine cavity. At this point, the fetus is no longer needed to observe urine.
What will you drink to speed up your urine?
I want to fill the bladder faster and drink white water too slowly. However, if you change into a caffeinated beverage such as coffee and tea, it will be more toxic due to its beneficial effects on the body. Therefore, if you want to speed up the process of urinating, you need to drink not only white water, but also a little more coffee and tea. Moreover, after the B-ultrasound examination, some white water should be added, because the diuretic effect of strong tea and coffee will affect the water balance of the human body and cause cell dehydration.
In addition to caffeinated beverages, you can also choose some juices, which also have a certain diuretic effect, such as strawberry juice, watermelon juice, apple juice and so on. In addition, if you stand up and drink while drinking water, or take a walk, it is more conducive to the faster production of urine.
Color Doppler VS Black and White B Super
Ordinary B-mode is black and white, is that color super-color? In fact, color ultrasound is not color, it is only based on black and white B-ultrasound, plus color Doppler blood flow imaging, that is, in the B-ultrasound display can also display red and blue colors to indicate different Blood flow direction and flow rate. Typically, the blood flow away from the probe is shown in blue, and the blood flow toward the probe is shown in red.
Compared with a single black and white B-ultrasound, the color B-ultrasound function is more, the way to diagnose the disease is more, and the diagnosis of the disease is more clear. Its image resolution is also superior to ordinary black and white B-ultrasound, especially for the diagnosis of some malignant masses. In the gynecological examination, the doctor of ectopic pregnancy will recommend the use of color ultrasound, but for the general gynecological examination, uterine fibroids or B-ultrasound before the abortion, ordinary B-ultrasound can be used.
Is B safe?
Fundamentally speaking, the B-ultrasound test is a physical effect on the human body. When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the human body, it will have an effect on the biological tissue, and part of its energy will be converted into heat energy, which will raise the temperature of the human body; At the same time, the mechanical effects of large-scale ultrasonic waves may cause tissue breakage and comminution. Therefore, in this sense, ultrasound is not absolutely safe for biological tissues.
The key to the safety of B-ultrasound is the dose of ultrasound, which is the product of the intensity of ultrasound and the time of irradiation. High-intensity, long-term ultrasound can cause damage to the human body or the fetus. In general, regular B-mode equipment has strict control over the output power of ultrasound, and there are doctors who always control the dose of ultrasound. Under such conditions, B-ultrasound is safe for gynecological examination.
So far, normal B-ultrasound has not produced any obvious adverse reactions, and there have been no reports of fetal malformations caused by ultrasonography. But that doesn't mean that B-ultrasound can be done at will, or how long it takes to do it.
Why is the B-ultrasound result different?
Many people have this experience, why the position of the uterus before and after the B-ultrasound will be different, a bit in the front, and then in the back, is this B-ultrasound inaccurate, or will the uterus really move?
In fact, the position of the uterus in the front, middle and back is normal. In general, there are many chances of conceiving the anterior uterus, and the chance of conceiving the posterior uterus is small. If there is no infection or adhesion in the tissues surrounding the uterus, the location of the uterus will move.
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