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Guangzhou Women And Childrens Medical Center
Volunteer Service Overview:
In recent years, the volunteer service of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center has become a beautiful landscape of the hospital. In February of this year, the Central Youth League Committee took the lead in launching the hospital's volunteer service in the city's health industry. Through the recruitment of hospital employees, retired employees and family members, the hospital continued to provide regular volunteers to patients and employees.
The service allows the medical staff's professional guidance to run through the patient's entire medical treatment process and enhance the hospital's quality service.
Since the start of the volunteer service in the hospital, more than 620 “hospital volunteers” have been officially registered, and the average monthly service number has reached 456 person-times* hours. A total of medical procedure guidelines, assistance in printing inspections, wheelchair services, and maintenance have been established. There are more than 10 in-house services such as triage order, piano performance, and health education. Volunteer department also
Through a series of measures such as the “Volunteer Time” management system of the Guangzhou Communist Youth League Committee, the standardized management of volunteers was realized. First, the “Volunteer Home” column was opened in the hospital office network. The volunteer service post needs and scheduling information were updated weekly, and the volunteers were shared with employees in real time. Second, the hospital volunteer service was opened in the Guangzhou volunteer network.
"Service" column, release recruitment information, attract college students, the community to participate in volunteer work, has now absorbed 13 nurses and nurses team, Huanong boiling youth volunteer team 7 people / week, the city youth volunteer association Qizhi corps suffering Children's service team 5-8 people/week, Chinese medicine university sign language volunteers 5, piano volunteers 14 people, people from all walks of life 20
The third is to designate a special person to log in the volunteer service time in the “Volunteer System” of the Guangzhou Volunteer Network. Regularly announce the volunteer time ranking and encourage volunteer behavior. Fourth, set up a volunteer service network registration feedback form to collect volunteers in time. During the service process, discover the defects and vulnerabilities in the hospital environment and management from a third-party perspective.
Promote the improvement of medical treatment process and the improvement of service quality; Fifth, establish a volunteer service promotion group within the Volunteer Service Department, strengthen publicity and expand influence through the establishment of Weibo; sixthly, strictly establish the access mechanism and standardization of volunteers. Certification mechanism and standardized training system.
Since more than three months of volunteering in the hospital, volunteers have put forward more than 30 rationalization proposals, such as the proportion of patients attending the hospital for the first time, the process of consultation is not clear; there are many ways to make appointments, there is no clear process guidance; the use rate of self-service registration machine Low, in the peak period, causing long queues at the artificial registration, most of them are taken by the hospital.
Na, and timely rectification. The hospital volunteer service not only promoted the internal management of the hospital, but also built a bridge of communication between doctors and patients and colleagues. The medical staff said: "When you are a volunteer, you can understand the mood of the patients. In the past, some patients often get angry because of a little thing, I always
Not quite understand. Now, I understand, "I feel the responsibility of wearing a white coat, and the feeling of wearing a green vest is the care of people." "The medical staff of the medical clinic turned out to be so hard, although my work is Also very tired and very busy, but much more happy than them..."
At present, the volunteer service of the Municipal Women and Children Center is booming. Volunteers will adhere to the service concept of “Love is in front of you, we are at your side”, and promote the further improvement of hospital management with love and sincerity to provide patients with better safety. Medical services.
Volunteer service work arrangement:
        Number of volunteers and length of service:
Fixed volunteers in the hospital: 150 people, including 3 piano volunteers and 1 sign language volunteer.
Fixed retired volunteers in the hospital: 41 people.
Out-of-hospital volunteers: 13 nurses/weeks of the nursery team, 7 volunteers of the Huanong boiling youth volunteer team/week, 5-8 person/week of the children's service team of the Qizhi Corps of the Municipal Youth Volunteers Association, and the sign language volunteers of the University of Chinese Medicine 5 There are 14 people, piano volunteers and 20 people from all walks of life.
The average number of service people per month: 456 person times * hour.
Volunteer Service Fixed Activity List:
1. At least 9 piano volunteers per week provide piano volunteer service in the outpatient hall on the 1st floor of Zhujiang New Town Campus.
2. At least 20 volunteers each week provide guidance services for convenience.
3. Organize employee sign language enthusiasts to learn sign language every Wednesday night to build a bridge for better relationship between doctors and patients.
4. Every Friday night, Kaizhi volunteers visit children from the Department of Hematology on the 14th floor of Zhujiang New Town Campus to design different themed activities.
5. The children's paradise is open every weekend, and the volunteers of the university volunteers.
6. There are three groups of volunteers in the children's campus every weekend to go deep into the ward to help the children forget the pain and have a happy weekend.
7. Since 2010, the Children's Service Team of the Qizhi Corps has teamed up with the Department of Hematology and Oncology of the Municipal Women and Children Center to hold a parent association event for cancer children with the theme of “Let the life laugh” to promote children and parents. The communication between medical staff has been successfully held for three sessions.
8. From October 8th to 14th, 2012, the volunteers in the hospital together with the Children's Service Team of the Qizhi Corps and the Huanong Boteng Youth Volunteer Team organized a series of volunteer service activities through piano performance, sign language teaching, healthy dance, and garbage. Classify common sense explanations, makeup events and other ways to fully interact to ease the tension of children and their families.

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