Severe child transfer service

The Guangzhou Children and Children Medical Center Severe Child Transit Center was established in 1998. It is one of the units in China's medical system. It is a long-term referral service for critically ill children. It is a two-way referral service for critically ill children aged 0-18. The service network covers the entire South China region, and the transport diseases involve all the diseases admitted to the Pediatrics of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center.
The center invested a large amount of funds for the referral of critically ill children, equipped with 14 Mercedes-Benz ambulances, equipped with various advanced emergency monitoring equipment such as ventilators, transfer thermostats, defibrillators, monitors, etc.; :Transportation doctors and nurses, who have the training qualifications of critical departments such as emergency department, PICU, and NICU. They have professional critical illness treatment ability, and can provide the necessary respiratory support, body temperature control, and circulation stability for critically ill patients during transit. Guardian treatment technology.
In order to realize the information transfer of patient referrals between medical institutions, the center built a MDT transshipment platform based on mobile Internet, which realizes seamless communication and automatic feedback function of referral information, and provides full-featured technical information transfer for patient referral among medical institutions. To provide quality medical professional transshipment services for South China.
Transfer contact number 020-81330546; 18902268120.

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