[Good News] City Women and Children Center won the "2015-2016 annual province free blood donation promotion award"

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the Guangdong Red Cross Society commended the units and individuals who made outstanding contributions in the 2015-2016 voluntary blood donation work.
Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center won the “2015-2016 Provincial Free Blood Donation Promotion Award”
PICU Director Tao Jianping won the “2015-2016 Annual Free Blood Donation Award”.
In recent years, our hospital has actively carried out voluntary blood donation work and maintained the tradition of organizing two blood donation activities every year. In 2015, our hospital donated more than 464 blood samples throughout the year, with a total blood donation of 96,000 ml. In 2016, blood donation was more than 600 times, and the total blood donation was as high as 127,000 ml.
Among them, PICU director Tao Jianping and the children's transport group Yu Gui have donated 1600 ml of blood twice a week.
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