Management system for clinical medicine and related professional training personnel

Guangzhou Women And Childrens Medical Center
1. Purpose
In order to standardize the management of clinical medicine and related professional training personnel, ensure the quality of training, and improve the business level of the advanced personnel, this management method is specially formulated.
2, standard
These procedures are applicable to clinical medicine and related professional training personnel.
2.1 Application for further study
2.1.1 The training is led by the center in charge of the leadership. The non-nursing clinical specialty is managed by the Scientific Research and Teaching Section of the Ministry of Science, Education and Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Teaching Section”). The Nursing Department is under the Nursing Training Department of the Nursing Department (hereinafter referred to as “Guardian Training”). Branch") unified management. All clinical departments (parts) and individuals are not allowed to accept the training tasks without authorization. The management department shall not re-submit the training of the trainees who have received the arbitrarily received by each department (department). If any liability accident occurs, it shall be responsible for receiving the corresponding department (department) and its own person. Each department (department) room needs to receive the training personnel temporarily due to special circumstances. The department director or the ward shall submit a written application and go through the relevant training procedures after the examination of the teaching department/guardian.
2.1.2 Majors and deadlines for training: The specific regulations for each major, duration and time of receipt shall prevail.
2.1.3 Conditions that must be met by the fellows Obtain the corresponding qualifications for practicing, and have 3 years of clinical work experience in medical institutions above grade 2 (inclusive). Clinical Medicine
Only those with college education or above are accepted. Those with bachelor degree or above must meet the requirements of; in addition to meeting the above conditions, college graduates must also obtain intermediate titles and 6 years of clinical work experience. Medical Technology
Only those with secondary education or above are accepted. Those with college degree or above must meet the requirements of; in addition to meeting the above conditions, secondary school graduates must obtain intermediate professional titles and 6 years of clinical work experience. Nursing profession
Only those with secondary education or above are accepted and the conditions of are met. Maternal and Child Health Care
Only those with college education or above are accepted and the conditions of are met.
2.1.4 If the applicant is applying for further training, there are special circumstances such as personal health, promotion, defense, marriage, and childbirth. The application for further study is not accepted.
2.1.5 The task of the Health Bureau or the counterpart support unit shall be arranged in accordance with the relevant documents.
2.1.6 Apply for the application: Application Process for Clinical Medicine and Medical Technology Professional Training: The trainees are directly clicked on the “Training Management” section of the “Scientific Research Teaching” section of the Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center website ( Website:, register online, and then directly fill in the application for further study. The attachments that must be uploaded in the system report are: #!High academic diploma, professional technical qualification certificate, practicing qualification certificate, practice The certificate, ID card, and the unit agree to the training certificate (download the template in the system, the competent department stamps the official seal), etc., and submit it after the completion of the report. Applicants can apply for an account to check the progress of the application, obtain the notice of the repair report or fail to receive the notice. Paper-based application materials are no longer accepted as soon as the system is enabled. Application process for nursing professional training: The training staff downloads the “Application for Advanced Study” in the “Continuing Management” section of the “Scientific Research Teaching” section of the website of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center ( It is required to fill in the fields of the application form (in one form), and after the completion of the confirmation, the copy of the certificate, professional qualification certificate, practice qualification certificate, practice certificate, ID card, etc. (with A4 paper) Copying, copying must be submitted to the unit for review, and indicate "consistent with the original" and affixed with the official seal). Those who pass the examination of the nursing and academy will be issued a notice of advance registration, and the training personnel shall go through the formalities according to the time, place and requirements specified in the notice of registration. Delivery costs Delivery procedures: After receiving the training notice, the fellows should remit all the training expenses 15 days before the registration. Be sure to indicate the remittance item (training fee), the name of the fellow, and the name of the selected unit. Account, invoice. If you have any difficulties, please call the Teaching Section (020-38367825)/Guardian Branch (020-38076026, 38076027) before the registration to contact the site for one-time payment.
Account name: Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center
Bank account number: China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Renmin Middle Road Branch 120906481310503 Charge standard (RMB unit: yuan/month/person)
Guangzhou Women And Childrens Medical Center
Accommodation costs 500 yuan / month / bed. Our hospital is tense and I hope to solve the accommodation on my own. If you need to arrange accommodation, the bed will be arranged by our hospital and cannot be selected. If the accommodation has been processed, no refund will be given.
2.2 Training staff management
2.2.1 Reception time of training personnel: 4 batches of training personnel are received each year, which are March, June, September and December. The specific receiving time is subject to the time of notification; the teaching section/guarding department will advance Issue a notice of progress check-in.
2.2.2 The trainee's report: The non-care staff shall hold the original ID card, the unit's introduction letter, and a small one-inch red photo, and report it according to the time and place specified on the registration notice. The nursing staff should hold the training notice, the unit introduction letter, the graduation certificate, the ID card, the professional and technical qualification certificate, the qualification certificate and the copy of the practice certificate according to the designated time (with the official seal of the competent department of the unit, confirm the match with the original.) The department reported. If you are unable to report on time due to special reasons, you must contact the Teaching Section/Guardian Branch in advance. Those who fail to pay the fees or report late for no reason are deemed to have automatically waived their eligibility for further studies. The sending unit cannot replace it by others.
2.2.3 Teaching / Protection Division During the training period, the fellows are jointly managed by the teaching/protection department, the department and the training department. Pre-employment training for advanced staff: The teaching department/protective training department and the clinical departments of the clinical department organize training personnel for pre-job training, including hospital briefings, laws and regulations, rules and regulations, medical ethics education, medical document writing, computer operation. , cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hospital infection knowledge and infectious disease management, fire safety, etc., after passing the examination, can enter clinical training. Business training for fellows: The teaching department/guardian will organize experts from various disciplines to conduct professional lectures for the trainees. The trainees are required to participate in various academic activities and related standardized trainings organized by the hospital. For example, the advanced doctors are required to participate in the standardized training courses for residents in the hospital. Management of the subject of the advanced training: The teaching section/guarding and training section arranges the subject of further study according to the application content of the fellows. After the subject is determined, the major and duration may not be improved. If it is really necessary to adjust, there should be a letter from the sending unit to apply for an extension of the training period to study the new elective subject. After applying for the signature of the specialist of the training specialist, the letter will be sent to the teaching department/protection department for extension of the training and the relevant department and Department arrangement. The training period cannot be terminated in advance, and the completion of the advanced training will not be issued and the training certificate will be issued. Management of the training personnel: The training personnel will submit the training application form, the relevant copy of the certificate and the training manual to the repair room to establish the training personnel file. The trainees and teachers will fill in the training manuals for pre-job training, business training, assessment, and appraisal. When the training is over or the department is rotated, the student's file will be transferred to the next rotation department or the teaching department/protection department for the completion of the training.
2.2.4 Department / Office Management The department shall receive the training personnel according to the regulations. Without the approval of the competent department, the departments shall not accept the training personnel without authorization, and the training personnel who receive the arbitrarily received by the department shall not complete the training procedures. If any liability accident occurs, the receiving department and the person concerned shall Be responsible for. Training objectives for fellows: Each department shall formulate training objectives and training plans (including outpatient, ward, related department rotation and lecture plan) according to the requirements of the undergraduate room and the requirements of the advanced personnel. Qualification of teaching teachers: Each department should have a special person (the advanced doctor is a senior resident resident and above, and the nursing is supervised by the supervisor and above), responsible for the training of the training personnel, and is responsible for guiding the advanced personnel to learn the relevant professional theories. , new business, new technology. Advanced medical quality management: All departments should train and train the training personnel according to the relevant rules and regulations of the hospital and according to the training plan. The advanced physician may undertake the work of the resident physician or the corresponding authority after the approval of the department and the approval of the medical department, but shall not undertake the work of teaching the rotation doctor and the intern. If the training personnel have problems in the medical process, such as mistakes, accidents or medical disputes, in addition to the responsibility of the training personnel, the department and the teaching teacher of the training personnel shall bear important responsibilities. Examination: All departments should conduct a comprehensive assessment of the training personnel in the first half of the training period before the completion of the training. Fill in the training manual, including theoretical knowledge, teaching and ward rounding, and actual operation.
2.2.5 Personal management of fellows During the training period, the training personnel shall dress in accordance with the hospital's “Specifications for the Appearance of Medical Staff” and must wear a badge to work. You can't wear exotic clothes, shorts, and slippers to work, and you can't wear jewelry. The instructor must be present when the fellow is working. In case of emergency, critical illness, difficulty, or rescue of the patient, the on-duty training staff should consult the second-line physician of the undergraduate, and make a timely record. Trainees should take care of our public property and scientific and technological materials, and must not copy, collect or carry away medical records, electrocardiograms, X-ray films, pathological sections, blood films, etc., and cannot be used by Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center. In the name of external publicity and contact. If the individual's behavior has a negative impact on the hospital, immediately terminate its advanced study, do not issue a certificate of completion and certificate of completion, and return to the sending unit. During the training period, no family leave, winter vacation or winter vacation will be arranged, and no vacation will be allowed. If you have a special reason to ask for leave, please ask the original department in charge to explain the reason (requires the official seal), and then submit the application by the advanced student, and then submit it to the teaching department/guardian for review and approval after the approval of the specialist director (or the guardian). Can be allowed to leave. The sickness and leave are not approved for 3 days (excluding) by the specialist director (or the nursing director), and 3 days must be approved by the director of the teaching department/guardian. A unit certificate must be issued for more than 3 days (specify the reason for the leave, leave the start date). After returning to the hospital after the vacation, you will need to go to the teaching department/protection department for sales leave. Anyone who leaves the company without authorization or who does not return for no reason, immediately informs the original unit and terminates the training. If the illness and leave of the fellows who have been in the training for one year are more than one month, they will only be identified, no certificate of completion will be issued, and the proportion of the lesson will be less than one year. Anyone who leaves the company without authorization or who does not return for no reason, immediately informs the original unit and terminates the training. The training personnel must strictly abide by the various rules and regulations of the hospital, obey the arrangement of the department, and must not be off duty to prevent accidents. Those who violate the rules of diagnosis and treatment and cause medical disputes or equipment damage in violation of the medical treatment procedures shall be compensated according to the regulations and the qualification for further study shall be cancelled. After a medical error, medical accident or other error occurs, the fellows should report to the department in time and actively carry out the aftermath treatment. At the same time, they must deeply reflect and make a written inspection. If there are 2 medical errors, no certificate of completion will be issued, and if a medical accident or other serious error occurs, the training will be terminated and the investigation will be completed and returned to the original unit. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the hospital's medical accident handling measures. The fellows should have good medical ethics and be honest and practicable. Strictly abide by the rules for protecting the privacy of patients, and sign the "Professional Medical Ethics and Organizational Discipline Commitment" and "Protection of Patient Privacy Commitment".
2.2.6 Application for prescription rights: The right to prescribe shall be proposed by the teacher. The director shall review the application and the approval of the medical department. The completed application form shall be submitted to the Scientific Research and Teaching Section of the Ministry of Science and Education Information after the completion of the training. If the prescription right has not been obtained, it shall not be separate. For the diagnosis and treatment of patients, the training personnel do not have a diagnosis certificate for the disease with a labor ability identification or a special case involving medical disputes or cases. The fellows do not have the right to prescribe anesthetic drugs, nor do they have a certificate for applying for an anesthesia card.
2.2.7 The medical and health benefits of the fellows during the study period shall be the responsibility of the selected unit as required.
2.2.8 Dormitory management: If the training staff needs to arrange accommodation, the bed will be arranged by the center and cannot be selected. If you have already completed the accommodation, you will not be able to get a refund. If the bed is arranged and the person stays outside without permission, all the adverse consequences will be borne by the fellow. One person is selected as the head of each dormitory to assist the teaching section/guardian management dormitory. Dormitories are not allowed to stay outside. It is not allowed to play in the dormitory, swearing, drinking, playing mahjong. Pay attention to electricity safety and fire prevention: When people leave, turn off all kinds of power supply. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wires privately. Disable all kinds of heating equipment and cooking utensils to cook in the dormitory. Offenders will be confiscated and violate the regulations of the hospital. Close doors and windows, regularly receive fire, burglary, sanitation and other inspections. The cost of water and electricity required for the use of high-energy-consuming equipment such as air conditioners, water heaters and hot water bottles equipped with hospitals is beyond the scope of the regulations. Take care of public property, keep it clean and tidy (not smoking, spitting and littering in the dormitory area), and damage the public property according to the regulations. Adhere to the daily rotation system of the dormitory value, the teaching department/protection and training department will conduct safety and health inspections on the dormitory of the training personnel from time to time. When the check-in and the end of the training, the dormitory handover will be completed on time, and the articles will be inspected. If the door, window, table, chair or electrical facilities are found to be damaged, it must be reported to the teaching department/guardian for the full-time management of the cadre, otherwise the repair cost It is the responsibility of the fellows.
2.2.9 Management of graduates After the expiration of the advanced training, the teaching section/guarding department shall issue a certificate of completion according to the attendance and business assessment results (including the results of the examinations) and the accreditation of the department. Those who have absenteeism for more than one month or who fail to pass the final examination will not be issued a certificate of completion. Management of graduates' completion: The department will no longer arrange to go to work within three working days before the completion of the training. The training personnel will complete the training in the three days. I carefully fill out the training manual, fill in the self-identification, and then submit the teacher, the head of the department or the nursing director to review and sign. Then, the training staff will bring together the archival materials (materials such as the application and copy of the documents), the training manual, the training report, the badge, and bring the dormitory keys to the teaching department/protection department for the completion of the formalities. The completion procedures must not be handled by others. Otherwise, no further examination and no certificate of completion will be issued. After the completion of the formalities, you should leave the hospital. Any further training personnel who leave the hospital without the approval of the Teaching Section/Guardian Discipline will not be re-submitted for further completion. For special reasons

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