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In the golden autumn season, the “Like the Wisdom Guangzhou” experiential interview research activity jointly organized by the People’s Daily and the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee went into Guangzhou to explore Guangzhou’s “Wisdom” through field visits, research, and discussions with the heads of relevant units. The city's construction path and results. People's Daily Online invited the former deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee
Member, the former vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Jiu San Society, He Wei, member of the National Informatization Expert Advisory Committee, Professor of the National School of Administration, Wang Yukai, Chinese industrial agglomeration research expert @Yang Jianguo, well-known media person @Media king, inspected Guangzhou wisdom government, wisdom people's livelihood, wisdom New initiatives and new experiences in the field of industry, looking for "smart cities"
Construction samples.
Wisdom Hospital: Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center
In April 2014, we became the first hospital in China to pay for an appointment on the mobile phone.
In 2016, for the first time, the mode of payment after first treatment was opened.
In 2017, the number of outpatients reached more than 4.7 million. The largest women's and children's specialist hospitals in South China, whether it is the maturity of electronic medical records or the interconnection of health information, have obtained the highest level of certification at home and abroad.
Solve the problem of “three long and one short” in traditional hospitals (registered, seeing a doctor, taking a long queue of medicines, and short doctors' consultation time). Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center has a new model.
Non-emergency registration full appointment
More than 93.3% of non-emergency patients can make appointments and time-limited visits by telephone, website, WeChat, Alipay, etc., saving one hour each time.
Asking for the birth of a bear
After collecting 3.47 million cases of child fever, the data comparison and algorithm were used. The “question bear” can preliminarily determine or help the doctor to determine what causes the fever. "This is more accurate than the average doctor's diagnosis," said Dean Xia Huimin. "Pregnant blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and other routine tests, including fetal heart rate monitoring, at home.
This is done through a wearable device. "The patient has not arrived at the hospital, and the doctor has already learned the results through the information system.
Pay after first treatment
"From the previous sesame credit, to the later commercial insurance, medical insurance, patients with a certain reputation basis, you can first see a doctor, and then return this money back to the hospital." Xia Huimin pointed out that "pay after treatment" and medical insurance Mobile payments for accounts have enabled 45% of patients to “de-cash” their medical treatment.
The guide robot "Mim Bear", which is synchronized with the mobile client, also helps patients navigate to every location in the hospital;
According to the instructions, the logistics robot “Noah” can take the elevator by itself and deliver the medicines required by the medical staff to the designated department; the new generation AI platform
Can read X-rays and ultrasound data, and can diagnose 2 ophthalmic diseases within 30 seconds. . . . . .
For the construction of smart hospitals, Xia Huimin believes that “there should be improvements or substitutions through the intelligent means of those links that the people do not like.” In recent years, the cost of single disease in the hospital has not increased, but the workload has increased very much. Fast, relatively speaking, income will increase. And the overall social good, the people welcome. "By
Welcome, he was willing to come. "The people" willing to "
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