[Children's Lecture] Lecture Preview: Frequently Asked Questions about Zinc Deficiency in Children

October 26
Common problems of zinc deficiency in children
Why are children susceptible to zinc deficiency?
What are the physical hazards of zinc deficiency in children?
How to better supplement zinc in the usual diet?
This issue of health talks for everyone to answer
October 26, 2018, 14:30 to 15:30
Guangzhou Children and Children Medical Center, Pearl River New City Campus, 1st Floor Children's Park (in the ball building)
Lecture content
Zinc deficiency in children 
Li Jun Attending physician
Director He Weier
Expert introduction
Li Jun, attending physician. He graduated from the Department of Pediatrics of Wuhan University Medical College in 2000 and has been engaged in pediatric clinical work. He is good at diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequent diseases of children's breathing and digestive system.

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