Hospital Introduction

Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center (hereinafter referred to as “Medical Women's Medical Center”) is the largest third-grade women's and children's hospital in South China, from the former Guangzhou Children's Hospital and Guangzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Guangzhou Maternal and Child Hospital). Guangzhou City Population and Family Planning Technical Service Guidance Institute is integrated into a city-level deputy bureau-level institution. At present, there are more than 1,500 open beds. In 2017, the number of emergency wards was 4.7 million, the number of discharged patients was 136,071, and the number of delivery was 33,717. In the comprehensive ranking of the best hospitals in Fudan, it entered the top 100 for six consecutive years.


The Municipal Women's and Children's Medical Center is the affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (non-direct), the affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (non-direct), the teaching practice base of Southern Medical University, and the postgraduate training base of Jinan University. The College of Pediatrics of Guangzhou Medical University was established. At present, there are 3 clinical key specialties of the Ministry of Health, 7 clinical key specialties (disciplines) in Guangdong Province, 2 key medical laboratories of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” in Guangdong Province, and a million-level biological sample library with international standards. The birth queue information management system with independent intellectual property rights has established the largest maternal and child cohort research platform in the world; established a postdoctoral research station, established 11 independent laboratories, introduced PI13 from the world, and more than 70 postdoctoral fellows in the station. In 2017, he obtained 25 items from the National Natural Science Foundation of China; published 175 articles on SCI, with an impact factor of 627.23 points, ranking 9th in the Children's Specialist in China's hospital science and technology influence rankings.


The Municipal Women's and Children's Medical Center passed the national electronic medical record rating of 6 and the national medical and health information interconnection standardization maturity assessment level 5 B evaluation, and in 2016 passed the international HIMSS EMRAM hospitalization and outpatient double 7 level review, is the first in China The smart hospitals that carry out mobile registration, non-emergency registration, and “pay before payment” have been reported by CCTV’s “News Network” and “People’s Daily”, and have been rated as National Quality Service Demonstration Hospitals in 2015-2017. . With the help of big data real-time analysis and mining technology, the hospital realized intelligent prediction of disease risk and intelligent diagnosis of disease types. The results were published in the form of a cover article in the world's top journal "Cell" in 2018, marking the research results in medical big data. And in the field of medical artificial intelligence research is in an international leading position.


City Women's and Children's Medical Center pays attention to international exchanges and cooperation. It has successively connected sister hospitals with Boston Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Kansas Children's Charity Hospital and other international first-class children's hospitals. In the field of medical technology exchange, special case diagnosis and treatment, pediatrics Talent training, child health research and other aspects have established an important platform.