Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Registration of the "Smart Mission"

General branch, league branch, and Communist Youth League members:
According to the requirements of the Communist Youth League Committee and the Youth Affairs Committee of the Health Planning Commission, the organization, group and team members of each unit must complete the registration and registration in the “Smart Mission” system of the Communist Youth League Committee. Please complete the registration according to the following procedures:
The specific process for the members to report is as follows: Mobile WeChat pays attention to "Guangdong Communist Youth League" - click on the "Members Registration" in the middle of the section - click on the quick registration - click on the registration after the registration is successful - enter personal information, where "the group branch" enters "Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Care" After the center, choose your own branch and complete the report.
According to the target requirements of the performance management of the Communist Youth League Committee and the Commission for Health and Welfare, all organizations are required to organize the members of the branch quickly and conscientiously to report on the "Smart Mission" system to ensure that the registration rate of the members will be included in the province before June 15. References for the work and assessment of the various Communist Youth League members of the Municipality, the Health Planning Commission and the hospital.

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