[Media Focus] Five-year-old girl fishbone stuck in the nose? Experts teach you how to take a fishbone

"From the doctor for so many years
It is the first time that a fishbone has been seen in adenoid tissue."
Chen Yanqiu, deputy director of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center
Sentence after the end of the operation 
The 5-year-old child Yiyi (pseudonym) sleeps and snoring, and has been breathing for more than a year. After coming to the hospital for examination, the doctor thinks that it is adenoid hypertrophy and needs some surgical resection. On October 11th, in the daytime operation room of the Municipal Women and Children Center, Director Chen had removed a part of the adenoids and found a trace of fine things inside. After taking it out, he looked carefully and turned out to be a fishbone!
Chen Yanqiu’s inspection after surgery
Mistaken fishbone is often stuck in the throat or stuck in the esophagus
How does this fishbone go "in the opposite direction"
Going to the adenoid in the back of the nose?
Director Chen Yanqiu said
I have never seen this situation for so many years!
Fishbone may be when drinking fish soup
Coughing "running" into the nose
Everyone knows that the most common misunderstanding of fishbone is stuck in the throat, causing discomfort, while Yiyi is different from ordinary people. The fishbone is hidden in the adenoid at the junction of the top and back wall of rhinitis.
According to the description of Yiyi's mother, it is very likely that Yiyi was in the process of drinking fish soup in the first half of this year. At that time, Yiyi had a short-term uncomfortable foreign body sensation after drinking the fish soup. He coughed twice, but there was no discomfort at the moment, and the parents did not take the matter to heart.
Director Chen Yanqiu said that in general, people in the process of eating soft palate will be out of the state, food can not come up.
Director Chen Yanqiu analyzed that there are two possibilities for the fish thorn to be hidden in this part: one is that the fishbone enters from the nose, and the probability is extremely low; the second possibility is that the child is drinking fish soup at the time, and the soft cicada in the process of coughing Open, the fishbone is "rushed" back into the adenoid longitudinal groove, and then quietly hide there.
In addition, the adenoid body of Yiyi itself is so large that the fishbone is stuck inside, and the patient will not feel uncomfortable.
Partial adenoids
Fishbone card throat, parents don't try the remedies easily
The fishbone card throat is very common in daily life, especially for children. If you are not careful, you will get stuck in the fishbone. Many people are used to eating steamed bread or vinegar to treat fishbone. In this regard, Director Chen Yanqiu said that these practices are wrong. .
Swallowing rice, swallowing head
In everyone's mind, eating a fish or swallowing a head can send the fishbone down. This may be effective for the fishbone that is inserted along, but it is dangerous for the deeper card or the fishbone inserted horizontally in the trachea. Big.
Director Chen explained that forcing the fishbone down to the pharynx or esophagus is not only more difficult to remove, but also causes infection, airway perforation, and even a large aortic rupture.
Drink vinegar
Drinking vinegar can soften the fishbone. Therefore, the first thing that many people think of after the fishbone is to drink vinegar. To this, Chen Yanqiu pointed out that the experiment proves that if you want to soften the fishbone with vinegar, you must let the fishbone in the vinegar. It is only possible to soak for a few hours.
The way we drink vinegar is often transient. It will not achieve the purpose of softening the fishbone. Acetic acid will also stimulate the pharyngeal mucosa to cause acute congestion of the pharynx, aggravate inflammation, and a large amount of vinegar may cause stomach pain and nausea. Vomiting, and even cause acute gastritis.
Then in daily life
What should I do if I encounter this situation?
The fishbone is stuck in the throat, saying that it is not too big to say that the fishbone can be found after opening the mouth, and can be clipped with a long scorpion with the help of the family. In the case that this method is not feasible, it is best to go to the hospital otolaryngology clinic to avoid accidents.
Expert introduction
Chen Yanqiu
Deputy Chief Physician, Deputy Director of the Department of Otolaryngology, City and Women's Center. Good at endoscopic surgery, partial tonsillectomy, throat and neck disease and snoring treatment, diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. Endoscopic surgery, partial tonsillectomy, throat and neck disease and snoring treatment, diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. Member of the Allergy Committee of Guangdong Medical Association. In 2006, he graduated from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University with a Ph.D. He has been engaged in the clinical work of Otolaryngology in the First Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University (1998-2003) and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (2003-2010). He has published 39 academic papers, of which the first author has 9 papers. It has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and difficult diseases of otolaryngology. At present, he is mainly engaged in nasal and throat diseases, such as endoscopic surgery, partial tonsillectomy, throat and neck disease and snoring treatment, and diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases.
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Correspondent | Zhou Mi, Li Wen